On 29th September 2008, at 3.30pm Pacific Daylight Time - precisely -
my life suddenly veered off in a completely unexpected direction.

Perhaps you have had one of those unexpected moments, where everything changed.

Until that moment, I was heading towards a conventional retirement from over 40 years, practising medicine, as an anesthesiologist.

Sadly, like many others, a year earlier in 2007, after 37 years of marriage, I experienced one of those increasingly common "Grey Divorces" - a divorce in the later years, after many years of marriage.

Life throws us curves balls and the chances are you have had or will have some life-changing event, which rocks your World, forcing you to change course and create a new future.

Once on my own, I realized I was not as savvy about money and finances, as I thought. As in many relationships, my husband had taken care of the finances and although I knew a little about money management, my financial literacy was minimal. 

Again - sadly - my story of financial illiteracy is the norm, especially amongst women, who increasingly are finding themselves alone in their later years.

Realizing my lack of financial wisdom I immersed myself in reading about money management, finances and the financial world in general. With hindsight, 2007 was an “interesting” time to be reading about money, with the sub-prime mortgage debacle and the financial crisis gathering steam.

As I read more and more, to quote Han Solo of Star Wars, I began to have a “Bad Feeling About This”, especially as the global financial mess gathered steam during the summer of 2008.

On my life-changing September day in 2008, a couple of weeks after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, with the financial crisis at its peak, I was standing in the coffee room of the Operating Room, (between cases!) watching the United States Congress turn down the Trouble Asset Relief Program, which we all knew would lead to the markets crashing even further the next day.

Predictably, the next day, on September 30th 2008, the Dow Jones Industrial Index fell off a cliff, losing 778 point, to this day, largest single day drop on record - so far!

$1.2 trillion of assets vaporized that day - likely including some of your savings - harshly reminding us the stock market is a lottery and investments are "virtual", until you cash out and the cash is in your bank account - or perhaps, your money is safer under your mattress!

Tragically, a further lesson, learned by many over these months, was home valuations​ are also virtual and not guaranteed to increase for ever.

So there I was, watching history unfold in front of my eyes, when suddenly, out of nowhere, taking me completely by surprise, in my mind, I saw myself standing on a cliff looking down into a valley full of millions of good, honest, hardworking folk, for as far as my eyes could see.

Folk, whom I knew, would lose their savings, possibly their homes, their futures and their retirement dreams.

I felt physically sick and weak at the knees. My heart truly felt an overwhelming empathy for each and everyone of them, particularly for the Baby Boomer cohort, who would have limited time to recover from this financial hit.

I remember thinking "someone has to do something about this" and then a little voice in my head replied with the words "Well, aren’t you someone – it may as well be you?”

My initial reply was “Yea, Right!” and I returned to the Operating Room for my next case.

But this little voice nagged at me and wouldn’t be silent.

On the drive home that evening, with that nagging voice constantly rumbling around in my brain, I reckoned I had reinvented my life, surely I could help others reinvent theirs.

I went to work that day, as a regular doc and arrived home that evening, transformed into a budding entrepreneur - about which I knew absolutely nothing - zippo, zero, zilch.

Little did I understand the journey I embarked on!​

But my determination stuck with me, because I have watched our longevity increase significantly over the decades and know we are likely continue to live longer and live well.

Women live longer than men, so the chances of a woman being on her own in her later years​ are very high.

We know from statistics and from our own experience, most women​ are not financially savvy and lack the financial wisdom and resources to live long and well.

Running out of money before running out of life is also a challenge for many men, but looking forward into the coming decades, current statistics show the majority of woman will live out their lives in poverty.

​The World changed in 2008 and the issues, which brought about the financial collapse, have not been resolved.

There has been a lot of sweeping under the rug​!

Years later, the financial crisis staggers on. The World is awash in debt and the future of pensions and social security is "iffy" at best. 

​If living well to celebrate your 100th Birthday becomes common place, will you be able to finance your bonus years?

Will you be able to weather and thrive through the inevitable future financial crises or are you hoping increasingly broke governments will support you? 

​I know the only way to survive and thrive is to continue generating active and passive income - for ever.

I knew from that moment when my life changed to live the life of your dreams, your ace, your trump card for your future, is your wisdom.

I know you have wisdom, passions, knowledge of benefit and value to others and you are fortunate to live in the best time in our history to take your Wisdom to The World.

The World of The Web offers you the financial freedom and peace of mind you desire.

But for every Ying, there is a Yang.

Web Ying offers you the opportunity to reach millions - nay, billions - but your days are already very full and you have no desire to understand "Web Tech".

The Yang is small businesses, which do not embrace "WebTech", are withering on the vine and disappearing for lack of visibility, even if you plan to have only a local reach.

I love and understand "WebTech" and saw a great need for small businesses, especially businesses owned by women, to generate added active and passive income by putting their wisdom on auto-pilot, available to one and all.

By 2020, it is predicted all seven billion plus people on the planet will be online.

Would this be a large enough market for you?​

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you, simply and easily, how to take your Wisdom to the World to generate Wealth, enabling you to live your later years - your Wisdom Years - with financial freedom and peace of mind, even if you live to be 100 years - or older!

On a personal note, my home is in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where I wake each morning to a view of the ocean and mountains, which always brings joy to my soul.

I am eternally grateful for my wonderful circle of friends.

As a proud mother of three adults, who will always be “my kids”, I have plenty of opportunity to pursue my passion of travel, as “my kids” are scattered across the planet, in Alberta Canada, New York and The Netherlands.

My other interests include travel writing, photography, videography, kayaking, hiking, sailing, music.

I live by three Mantras -

"I woke up this morning, it's a good day"


“This Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal”


Carpé Diem - Seize The Day.

About Me - Dr Sue Ferreira MD - Wisdom To Wealth Mastery