Back To School


Welcome Back! It’s that Back To School time of year and sadly, my weekly blog never happened last week, as I was speaking in Calgary, Alberta at Jo Dibblee’s event, Frockalicious By Design.

Calgary was under those deep blue cloudless skies, warm and sparkling with the clarity of air you only see on the prairies, but there was a hint of Fall. Difficult to put your finger on it, the leaves on the trees were still green but there was something in the air, a feeling in the air, that reminded me of early Fall and I had a vision of my kids heading back to school after the long summer vacation.

Then, I reflected on how at Jo’s event we were all teaching and learning and how learning never stops.

Indeed, we are “Back To School”, every day of our lives and with so much new information coming at us, it is a challenge to sort through what we want to know, what we need to know and what we can ignore.You know my mission is to help you move into the online world with simplicity and ease and through this “School Year”, I am going “Back To Basics”.

Each week, my blog will build out how to create an effective online presence, step by step, and introducing you to tools you can use - for free or virtually free, for we are now living at a time, where you can take yourself online with no or minimal expense.It would help me help you, if you could tell me know what are your frustrations or roadblocks?

What do you you need and want to know?Email me, leave a comment on Facebook and join my Facebook Group at where you can ask any question about going on line, not just video and tech and where no question is too small.

Let’s spend this School Year simplifying, streamlining and building your online presence to boost your business and income.

Back To School

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