Count Your Blessings!


There are times, when your own world stops and you look on helpless, as friends and people, whom you have never met, are, literally in this case, put through hell fire or a tragic and random act of nature.


We all know these unforeseen events happen and we all experience the outpouring of love for those, whose lives are changed in an instant, a few hours or a day. Be it earthquake, tornado, hurricane, tsunami, or fire, we feel for those, who just happened to be there, when disaster struck.

But the reality of these disasters hit home with a great intensity, when folk you know and love, are affected. This week in my old province of Alberta, Canada, so many have lost everything, including friends of mine, who, like others, now have only the clothes on their backs and the car, which drove them away from the inferno.

That 88,000 were evacuated from the fire with no loss of life is a testament to the courage and organization of the citizens of Ft Mac, the fire-fighters, police, medical workers and more.

This above photo was taken by Michel Chamberland, as he drove through the Ft Mac inferno. Thanks to all who organized his and all the other 88,000 to escape.

If you feel moved to help with the Relief Fund, donations may be made via the Red Cross

Thank you to One and All, in advance and please, Count Your Blessings and Hug Your Family.

In one moment your life can change. When tragedies happen, we feel for those whose lives have changed due to circumstances beyond their control.

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