Easy Video – Day 1 – 30 Day Video Challenge


In last week’s blog, I suggested that an easy way to ease into video, was to practise making videos in safety, by using the “Only Me” audience on Facebook Live.

Well, this suggestion hit home in a big way, and many replied to my email, voicing relief that the “Only Me” option will take away their camera shyness and tech terrors, often with added comment, “I didn’t know you could do this!”

Receiving comments like this is always heartening, because you know you have helped someone break through a barrier, which was holding them back from reaching their goals.

But then I thought “Well, I am going on vacation next week, I should put my money where my mouth is, set myself a challenge and make a video a day, whilst travelling".

This would be good practice for my Laptop Lifestyle, for my ability to commit and connect whilst away.

Next, I decided to up the ante and make the challenge a 30 Day Challenge - in for a penny in for a pound!

Now on Day 4 of my challenge, I have completed 4 Facebook Lives, 3 using the app, BeLive.tv and one, using eCamm Live.

As I leave tomorrow for the UK, broadcasting live on Facebook, the simplest option, becomes more of a challenge, as I will be travelling and may not have access to WiFi, when video inspiration hits.

Be warned, going live on Facebook, using cellular data can be ferociously expensive.

I invite you to follow my journey, and receive video tips and tricks, helping you create and edit simple video, both Live and Recorded.

I will show you the equipment and apps I use, giving you the confidence to hit that Red Record Button and move into today’s world of video and video marketing.

If you want to dive deeper into using video in your business, my 3 month, online course, Video Marketing 101, begins again on July 19th, where I take you, click by click and step by step, through creating, editing, uploading and marketing video for biz.

For further information, click the link - Video Marketing 101

Remember Video is now over 75% of all web content and rising, so don’t be stranded as the rising tide of video flows by.

Have fun, follow my 30 Day Video Challenge on my Wisdom To Wealth Mastery’s Facebook Page and once again, check out Video Marketing 101.

As one of my previous clients said - “I love that I said “Yes” to your course. It is getting me doing things, I had only dreamed of!”

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