Epic Fail!


Have you noticed how the word “Epic” has become trendy?

Years ago, Groovy was trendy, then Rad, then Cool and now it seems to be Epic.

Hi Sue, from WTWM here, having just returned from my trip to the UK, where I committed to posting a video a day for 30 days.

I can now announce that my 30 Day Video Challenge is an "Epic Fail".

SIgh - Do you like me sometimes think “this will be easy”, only to find, it’s not as easy as you imagined?

Why did my 30 Day Video Challenge become such an “Epic Fail”?

#1 Reason -  Full responsibility on me.

I didn’t carve out the time each day to separate myself from the festivities.

Recording the video was easy.Settling down in a corner and editing the video was the challenge, as this takes time and my days have been wonderfully full with festivities, family, friends and fun.

#2 Reason - WiFi

Facebook Live is always a great option, as no editing is needed.

However, most of my vacation, I was in locations, such as in the valleys of The Peak District, where the WiFi was weak and intermittent, without the bandwidth necessary to broadcast on FB Live.

Often, even connecting reliably to check my email was a challenge.

To use cellular data for Facebook Live is prohibitively expensive and again, frequently my cell signal was weak.

So, I have a lot of video clips of around the UK, but all sitting in a folder on my desktop!Now to decide what to do with all my video clips.

LOL! Have you had similar “Epic Goals”, which turned into "Epic Fails" and didn’t come to fruition?

I'd love to hear your stories in the comment box below.

Bye for now,

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