Everything Takes Longer Than You Think!


Do you struggle, like me, with “Everything Takes Longer Than You Think”?

Here we are in the middle of August and I am ready to launch my weekly Facebook Live series, giving you simple and inexpensive ways to use video to grow your biz and income.

Trouble is, I thought I would be ready in February, six months ago, yet, as always, it has taken longer than I planned!

Looking back over the past few months, I realize some of the delay is because video creation is changing so fast.

The goalposts are constantly moving, which means making continual adjustments to stay on the crest of the video wave.

If I had launched my Facebook Live series in February, the tech and strategies would be very different than now, six months later.

It’s mind-boggling how fast all is changing but the Good Thing is these changes are making creating video and building your online presence so much simpler and easier and way less costly.

I looked around my video studio yesterday and thought “Wow, so many of my video gizmos, which were leading edge a couple of years ago, could now go to a museum”.

For you, this is great, because today, you don't need any gizmos, just a smartphone and you are hot to trot.

Join me on my Facebook Live broadcasts where show you how to use your smart phone and video to your advantage and keep up to date, with the ongoing changes, so you will stay on the cutting edge of video.

See, you’ve saved money and time already!

Let me show you, from Square One, how to use video and social media to extend your reach, taking your wisdom and gifts to a wider audience, so you can help more people and grow your biz and income.

Even if you have never created a video and Facebook Pages and YouTube are a mystery, you will feel right at home.

Once again, join me on Tuesday, August 29th at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern, on my Wisdom To Wealth Mastery Facebook Page and let’s go.

Bookmark and "Like" my page and tell me in the comment box your video goals and your biggest roadblock to meeting those goals.

Once again, bookmark and "Like" my Wisdom To Wealth Mastery Facebook Page and see you on Tuesday, August 29th at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern



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