How To Practise Facebook Live – Privately – Only Me


With the Solstice behind us, Summer is here and the chances are you will be spending time outdoors, in beautiful settings, with family and friends.

Here's a suggestion. If you know you need video to boost your biz influence or even if you are sort of, perhaps, maybe, if I have to, thinking of getting into video, what better time to start, than around the camp fire or on a hike?

You are relaxed, you don't have to do a "Biz Video", so why not pick up your phone, go to Facebook Live, click on the Privacy Settings and select "Only Me"?

On this setting, you can practise making "Facebook Live" un-live videos, to your heart's content and no one else will see them.

If you make a great video, change the settings and send it out to the World.

If your video is so-so, delete the videos and rinse and repeat.

Remember your first videos aren't going to be your best - the ole Practice Makes Perfect.

Commit to a 2 - 3 minute video each day of your vacation and before you know it, you will be surprised how good your videos become and how easy it is for you to create them.

Good quality audio is important - we will tolerate a bad video, but not poor audio, so If you want to add a good, inexpensive microphone for your smartphone, check out the Boya By-M1.

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Enjoy your summer,

Best wishes, Sue

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