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The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways - we’ve all heard this one before.Last weekend, I missed writing my blog, as I was away speaking at an event and Gary Vaynerchuk’s caveat from my previous week’s blog, “99% of People Don't Market in The Year That We Actually Live In” was still rattling around in my brain,

With these thoughts a-simmering, I added a couple of slides to my presentation, including one of Gary Vaynerchuk’s impressive social media stats -

- 1408 videos on YouTube with 623,415 Subscribers to his channel
- 1,816,900 Facebook Likes on his Facebook Page
- 1.45 Million Twitter followers

And made the point in my presentation that marketing in the year we are actually living in, involves building authority through video and social media, if you want to be heard and make an impact.

Now, this is not a new message from me, but worth delivering in the hope of inspiring more entrepreneurs to Hit The Red Record Button and move into the world of video.

My message hit home and the penny dropped for many of the attendees, who made the decision to move out of the shadows, work with me and take the Video Plunge.

But then that Mysterious Universe took over.

Yes, I am a Gary Vaynerchuk Fan and love his rant “6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years Of Your Life” for I am his avatar, in the video, a new entrepreneur starting out later in life.

A few months ago, I videoed my version of this rant, sent it to Gary V’s team to make sure I wasn’t infringing any copyright and they kindly granted me permission to publish the video.

I uploaded it to my YouTube channel and forgot about it.

Imagine my surprise, when on Saturday, my phone starts flashing with messages and I discover Gary Vaynerchuk has interwoven my video with his and at 175,000 views and rising,

I now have the best demo of the power of video and social media for my future presentations.

Yes, The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways and keep on hitting that Red Record Button.

“The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways” is a mantra well known to us all

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