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Life got away from me last weekend and I missed my weekly blog, so will make up for it now, by telling you about my wonderful weekend at The Frockalicious Life event at the beautiful Tigh Na Mara Resort on Vancouver Island.

What’s a Frockalicious Life? Well, it’s a celebration of living your life to your full potential and owning who you are, at your core, once you have stripped off all your frocks - the ones you wear to hide your true self.

Where did the word Frockalicious come from - My wonderful pal and biz partner Jo Dibblee has a business, Frock Off - why Frock Off - because by Frocking Off, you come to live a Frockalicious life .

Check out Jo’s, two time International Best Selling book Frock Off - Living Undisguised to learn why “Frock Off” - she has some story.

Jo and I have the same vision and we see the same road blocks preventing so many, especially women, from flourishing, from being their true selves, as many of us grew up with and took into our hearts, the message that we should be seen and not heard and were never “good enough”.

The title of my talk at a Frockalicious Life last weekend was The Times, They Are -Changin’ and the times are a-changin and changing faster than most folk realize.

Jo and I are on a mission to help women business owners flourish and prosper in these rapidly changin and disruptive times.

Why focus on women business owners and all women and men? For very practical reasons.

Until we have immortality - which is a possibility in the near future - women outlive men by quite few years. Women entrepreneurs do not have the golden cloak of a pension to see them through their later years. They are a tough, independent and brave bunch but most of us drg around the women’s hang up of not wanting to be seen, because we are not good enough or we don’t like the way we look. But the future of business with the new web marketing is all about being seen, especially on video, which as I have said in other blogs, is already the dominant way to communicate and market your wares.

Last weekend at a Frockalicious Life, I had an Aha moment. I realized forcefully how very tightly interwoven is the ability to create video and feel at ease on camera with a person’s level of self-esteem.If you are reluctant to be seen, to be on camera, then let’s examine how you see yourself.

Last weekend, I saw friends, with whom I have consulted, breakthrough their hang ups around “being seen” and with immense courage, stand up and telling their stories on stage. All of them, started creating videos to market themselves and their businesses, within days of this breakthrough, which allowed them to see themselves as beautiful and worthy of being heard.

So I end with the question - are you comfortable with being seen? If not, perhaps we should talk  - email me at

So many women feel they are Not Good Enough and are uncomfortable Being Seen.
If you are reluctant to be seen, to be on camera, yet long to boost your business and income with video, let’s talk –

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