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Welcome to Wisdom To Wealth Mastery,

showing you how to craft your wisdom to create long lasting wealth,

using all the tools of the New Marketing, with a focus on Video.

Every video you create is a "Mini-Me" marketing you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 24 time zones.

Videos don't take vacations and they market you forever, as long as you  don't remove them.

What difference would it make to your business and life to have an army of Mini-Me's
constantly working on your behalf?

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery offers you three core programs, summarized below. 

All the programs are designed to move you, simply, easily and with no overwhelm,
into the world of the new marketing,
where video has become an essential component for any business, large or small.

Introduction - Why Video?

Today over 75% of all web content is video and rising rapidly, yet as of April 2016, only 9% of small businesses in the United States are using video to market themselves. If we looked at women owned businesses or businesses outside the United States, the figure would be less than 9%.

The World is changing at an exponential rate and by ignoring video, business owners are leaving a ton of money on the table.

But video - both the tech and being on camera - is a challenge for many. My programs are all designed to allow you to move online with video, taking you from A to Z, from beginning to end, regardless of where you are in your journey and business, by following my “click by click” videos or with a “Done With You” program.

  • You do not need any prior tech skills -
  • You do not need any expensive programs, indeed most of the resources I recommend are free.
  • You do not need any expensive equipment, you likely already have all you need.
  • You can do this yourself - simply and easily.

If I can do this from scratch in a few years, I assure you, You Can Do This Too.

My programs increase your efficiency, enabling you to attract and help a much wider audience.

My three programs are -

1. Video Signature Suite - a "Done With You" program, where together, we create your compelling signature story, your story which attracts your ideal client, has them come to know, like and trust you and realize they must work with you. We record your story on video, which you receive.

You also receive -

  • The audio podcast of your story
  • The transcription of your signature story for articles
  • A Kindle ebook and
  • A physical book of your story, making you a published author.

2. Web Wisdom - how to showcase yourself online, with a simple repeatable system, on how to market yourself and your products with video, build a YouTube channel, Live Stream and distribute your message via social media.

3. Purse Power - how to create and upload video, using the HD TV Studio, you carry around with you in your purse, to market yourself and boost your business and income.

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In my next short video, we will look at why today video is a must for business.
Today, video is no longer a “Would Be Nice” but is a “Must”.

Why You Need Video Today

Simply put, in the past few years, marketing has turned on its head, with the advent of three disruptive technologies -

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • iPhone

These three technologies have turned marketing on it head, with staggering swiftness, and this tidal wave of change passed so fast, many business owners haven’t appreciated the revolution which has happened.

These three revolutionaries came together and mushroomed to create a new reality, far larger than each individual technology.

In the early 2000s, video on the web was minimal. Social media was just being born and smart phones didn’t exist!

Since then, video has exploded on to the scene and already accounts for - over 75% of all web content.

This percentage continues to rise steadily.

Today, the web is video!

As of April 2016, only 9% of small businesses in the United States used video to market themselves and their businesses.

Therefore, 91% of all small businesses in the United States are not taking advantage of the most powerful marketing tool!

91% of small businesses are leaving a massive amount of money on the table!
Are you leaving a lot of money on the table?

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Programs -

Video Signature Suite

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Today, your ability to tell your story in a compelling way, to have people come to know like and trust you, is more important than ever, as you expand your horizons to reach a much wider audience,

Crafting and telling a compelling story i​s an art. Video Signature Suite shows you how to craft your compelling story to build trust and your community of followers and like-minded thinkers.

But why stop at crafting  your story?

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you how to craft your story, but also how to repurpose your story in many ways, saving you time and money and again widening  your circle of influence.

Once you have your story, Video Signature Suite videos your story, as a 45 - 1 hour video, in interview format, which you receive.

You also receive, the podcast of your talk, the transcript of your signature story for use as articles and also your story repurposed as an Amazon Kindle and Physical book.

Knowing your story is vital to your success but so is ​having others see, hear and read your story.

Video Signature Suite accomplishes all the goals.

If you need to craft your story and widen your tribe of followers, Video Signature Suite is for you.​

Web Wisdom

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Do you have a website which isn't working for you?

Are you struggling to make sense of social media?

Are you trying to build a list of clients, but nothing is happening?

Do you have many bits and pieces of an online business but none of them are speaking to each other?

Are you paying for many services and none of them are speaking to each other either?

Do you know how the whole online system works?

If you aren't sure how to put all the moving parts together, so they talk to each other and magnify your message, then Web Wisdom is for you.

Web Wisdom takes a high level look at all the moving parts ​of your online world to see what is working, what isn't and what is missing?

After assessing your "Bits and Pieces", Web Wisdom helps you move all the cogs into place, so they interlink and work smoothly as a system.

On average, within 4 - 6 months, Web Wisdom will have you and your business streamlined and on autopilot, armed with a simple system of a YouTube Channel, a website, a video blogging platform, a list building system and a schedule for social media posting.

With all of these cogs working together in a well oiled system, your overwhelm and confusion will have disappeared, enabling you to move ahead, freed up from fiddly bits and able to focus on what you love to do - helping your clients with your wisdom and skills.​

Purse Power

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Marketing has revolutionized in the past few years, following the appearance of YouTube, Facebook and the iPhone.

Together they have taken marketing from local to global and at the foundation of all three is Video and its power to extend your reach and influence and have people come to know like and trust you.

But video is an unfamiliar ​and often intimidating medium for many, especially for women.

Yet today with over 75% of all web content being video - and rising - no business can afford to ignore video, especially with the online wisdom and knowledge industry already being worth of $107 billion dollars a year - and rising!

Video creation is simple - on your smartphone, push the ​red button once, deliver your message, push the red button again and you have created a video.

Sadly, frequently, the video goes no further because of the questions -

"What do I do next?"

"How do I​ take my video from my smartphone to where I need it, to market myself and my business?"

"I made an "oops". How do I edit out the mistake?"

"How do I create a YouTube Channel?"​

So many questions, all of which keep your valuable video message on your smartphone, hidden from the World.

And who wants to have to learn programs about video editing and all that techie web stuff?

You no longer have to.

Enter "Purse Power", where simply and easily, click by click, in several modules, I show you how to create, edit, upload, create a YouTube​ and a video blog and deliver your message to the World, via social media.

"Purse Power" also shows you how to livestream with Facebook and other livestreaming channels and is continually updated, as new video tech and techniques appear.

​You need video, if you are in business today, but you need to be able to create video, simply, easily and with a minimum of cost and equipment.

"Purse Power" gives you all of this, in an online course, where following along, click by click, you can progress at your own pace​ and finally have your valuable videos see the light of day, helping you reach and expand your influence and boost your business and income.

Click here for more information on Purse Power.

Sue puts everyone instantly at ease

Sue Ferreira is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and her "Let's Get It Done" approach is truly inspiring and a real gift to anyone wanting to have a project done right and on time. She puts everyone quickly at ease, knows how to take the right approach to any subject, has a great eye and provides technical solutions and engaging results". 

Frances Litman

If anyone has any trepidation about creating video, contact Sue

Rosemarie BarnesConfident Stages

"I've recently completed the first draft of the first book of my upcoming series, and I'm completed stoked! Additionally, Sue Ferreira of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery worked with me today to create the accompanying video for my book, Confident Public Speaking: Being Heard above the Noise . If anyone has any trepidation about creating video, do yourself a massive favour and contact Sue. She's amazing!"

​Sue creates a relaxed atmosphere

Sue Ferreira knows creating an effective professional video involves more than just turning on the camera. She creates a relaxed atmosphere, making you comfortable in front of the camera, allowing you to reveal your true essence and the heart of the message you want to give to the world.

Angela Thurston
Cathy Scott
Niche Women's Tours

Two hours and I came away knowing I can do it!

“A huge thank you to Susan Ferreira for her fantastic video workshop for dummies! Two Hours and I came away knowing I can do it. Sue has amazing knowledge and is such a fantastic resource. I highly recommend taking some of her training. I will be back".

Hit The Red Button!

"Hit the red button!" Although I had taken some videography at university I was convinced I couldn't use video for anything other than gathering info (like a sketch) and if I wanted it as a final product, I needed to pay (I have spent thousands).showed me I can do it myself, my way and with very little equipment. At the start of this year, I started and I haven't stopped! Tomorrow I fly for 2 paying gigs in which I will video a family and an event.

Cheryl Ann Webster
Artist and Speaker

About Sue Ferreira

Sue Ferreira, Machu Picchu

A friend recently told me, "Sue, after 40 years of putting people to sleep, you are now waking them up".  Over my years as an anesthesiologist, I watched in amazement at our increasing longevity and know we are living in an exciting era of change. You now have the time to create the life you have always desired. If you have a message, a mission, a passion, which the World needs to hear,  our new technologies, especially video, allow you to take your message to the World, to leave a legacy, to make a difference.