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Hi Sue, here from Wisdom To Wealth Mastery,

In a few weeks, I’m hosting a series of Facebook Live’s showing you how simple it is today to take your message to the world, with video.

With the importance of video being shouted from the rooftops, many still haven’t picked up their smartphones, clicked that red record button and taken their first step, into the new ways of growing a biz.

Sadly, I see many falling behind in their biz, because they aren’t crazy about this Brave New World of video.

Speaking about my concerns, I often get the reply “but it is so important to meet face to face” and I agree, but usually, these comments come from those, who haven’t yet made the jump into the virtual world.

Yes, meeting face to face is important, but it limits your reach, influence, visibility, impact, income and more. I know it’s scary to move out of your comfort zone and into the Virtual World, but video allows you to meet “face to face” across the world - and that is so exciting!

Tech and camera shyness are the two main reasons holding folk back from benefiting from video, so I have created an ebook with tips on how to become confident on camera.

If you are struggling with camera shyness, you can download my ebook here - Camera Confidence Tips

Quick Question…

Do you know anyone hovering on the edge of making their first step into growing their biz with video?

If you do, please forward this email to them, so they too can benefit from my FREE video series?

My Facebook Lives will start at square one and will show you, step by step, how to be comfortable on camera and how ridiculously easy it is these days to create video.

Check for more details next week.

Once again, you can download Camera Confidence Tips here.

Thanks in advance for your support!

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