Summertime and the living is easy


Hi, Sue here from Wisdom to Wealth Mastery and for the next couple of weeks, I will be enjoying Summertime, with family and friends.

Inevitably with vacations and kids home from school, college, etc, we drop back a little from an intense focus on our business. Summer and Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year holidays are times I spend thinking about The Next Best Move.

Where is web marketing going?

How can I help you boost your business and income with web marketing?

How can you be found and have your perfect client find you and know, like and trust you?

How can we get your word out as quickly as possible to a wide audience, who needs your wisdom and skills?

Holy Smokes, Web marketing is changing so rapidly, every week, something new and exciting arrives pops up and some, such as Facebook Live, are complete game changers.

Without a doubt, the ongoing rise in video can’t be ignored.

I have friends, who say it outright - if you aren’t using video, your business will be gone in a couple of years.I wouldn’t be so blunt, but certainly, by not using video in your business, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage and are leaving a lot of money on the table.But how do you create and use video effectively? Video is a mystery and many have great hesitations about using and being seen on video.All you need to know to create good video, as with all tech, is which buttons to push, so over the summer, I am creating a series of online courses to help you boost your business and income by showing you, click by click, which buttons to push - buttons on your computer, not your family and friends’ emotional buttons, showing you how to create, edit, upload, search engine optimization and broadcasting your videos.

Each week, my blogs will review an aspect of video creation or review a useful accessories, which I hope you will find useful.So sign up on my website, for my video on the 10 Ways To Boost Your Business and Income with Video and get ready to push those buttons.

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Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you how to take your Wisdom To the World, using video and all the tools of the web, to create massive impact and income, for you and your clients.

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