Take A Break!


Over my decades as an anesthesiologist, I was used to working long hours - days, nights and weekends and I love my new life as an entrepreneur, where my hours are my own -

But - here comes that “But” word - But, I am sure you will agree, entrepreneurs can rack up their own long hours, as there is always “More To Do”.

And if we keep doing more, what do we get? Yep the old overwhelm and burnout.
Ever had this happen to you?

I am fortunate to have been very busy lately, so when my youngest offspring, science writer Becky, who lives far away in New York on the other side of the continent, decided she needed a breather from her writing and also a dose of the outdoors, I was more than happy to oblige and take a break to enjoy her company.

We both knew we could only manage a few days together but today, with my daughter back in her home in The Big Apple, I am looking back at our days together, with all its wonderful memories, and renewed energy to Get Stuff Done.

How many of you get caught up in the “Must Do” list whilst the precious times of life can pass you by?

So from me, Sue Ferreira of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery a big Thank You to my daughter, for giving me the memories and please enjoy my memories from my “Days With Daughter” .

I hope they encourage you to Take A Break and recharge.

Seize The Day or Carpe Diem!

Where would you go for your renewal of self?

Let me know below in the comment box.....

Where would you take a break to recharge yourself?

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