Bernadette Doyle, Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, jpeg, The How, Online Business

The How Of An Online Business

Bernadette Doyle, Wisdom To Wealth Mastery, jpeg, The How, Online Business

A few weeks ago, my newsletter had the title, “What Do I Want?”, where I asked this question of you.

Why did I ask this question?

Because I see so many people, who have a dream of taking their wisdom and their message to the World.

They know the opportunity exists via the web, but what stops them is “The How”.

Others want to take their business to the next level, to a wider audience. Again what stops them is “The How”.

You know me, my mission is to help you with “The How” of video, which is exploding in importance as a marketing tool, but being a “Jenny-Come-Lately” to business myself, I have invested in many training programs to get me up to speed, with the details of running an online business. Video alone does not a business make.

These programs have been excellent and taught me so much, but when it came to the business side of things, most of the programs assumed prior knowledge many do not have.

This is a challenge, if you are starting from scratch, as I was.If you have a successful offline business, perhaps the World of the Web is an unknown mysterious forest, where there be dragons, which you are leery of entering, without a guide, who knows the path. I see this often in women of my age, who grew up before the web.

I am always searching for good programs that help you move towards your online dreams and goals.

This week I found a diamond. I have never recommended a program before, but if you are looking for a program to take you from the very beginning, right through to creating and managing a sustainable biz to provide sustainable income, I highly recommend listening to this webinar -

I only recommend programs I have personally invested in and I bonded with Bernadette Doyle’s refreshing, down to earth, no BS, matter of fact approach to creating an online business. She tells it like it is and identifies the path I have been discovering for myself, as I build Wisdom To Wealth Mastery. This is comforting, as at least I feel I am on the right track, but I would have make much faster progress, with access to her program from Day One.

If you are struggling to find a reliable guide through the dragon infested forest, it is well worth listening to this webinar.

Once you've listened to the webinar, I'd love to know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Full transparency - The link is my affiliate link to Online Profits University.

I highly recommend listening to this webinar

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