It’s Time To Blow The Last Taboo Of Incest Wide Open


Today, I want to send you a very different and personal message, asking for your help.

Over the years, there have been many Last Taboos, as slowly at first and now thanks to the web and social media more rapidly, the hidden, forbidden secrets of our society and our lives are brought into open.

As brave people lead the way, these taboos are discussed openly, eventually followed by radical changes to our societal views and laws.For some reason, over the past few months several brave women have come into my life, for whom I have developed a great respect and friendship.

All these brave women have suffered deeply from the Last Taboo in Western Societies - incest - sexual abuse within a family - sexual abuse from known and close acquaintances, who used their positions of power and trust to abuse them, when they were very young children.

Fathers, brothers, uncles - men who should have loved and cherished these children, instead destroyed them for decades. Incestual rape is heterosexual and homosexual and yes, occasionally women abuse too, but this is overwhelmingly a crime of men, yet we seem to have a hard time accepting this reality.

The appearance of these brave ladies into my world stems from my passion to help women tell their stories, to help them know who they are to their core and to show them how to spread their message to the world - to all who need to hear their wisdom.

From hearing these stories of abuse, it’s Time To Blow This Last Taboo Wide Open.

For me, who is so fortunate in never having had these experiences, their stories are beyond horrendous and all follow the path of living with their sadness, their lack of self-worth, their feeling of self disgust, for decades, before, for their own survival, they have to tell their stories.

All suffered from the total denial within their families at the time of the assaults, with the denial continuing once the story was told. All were not protected by their mothers, often victims of abuse themselves. All, inevitably, made marriage mistakes the first time and often second time around, before finding good men, who have supported them and help them heal. These good men are heroes and their important stories need to be told too.

The taboo of centuries old, institutionalized abuse by organizations, such as the Catholic Church has been blown open. Similar abuse by those in positions of power and influence over children - by some coaches, teachers, mentors is out in the open. It’s time for incest, the last taboo, to discussed openly too.

For millenia, the perpetrators of these crimes have lived out their lives, protected by the silence of the accomplices within their family, for denial makes you an accomplice to the crime. The abused family member has been ostracized.

These amazing ladies are now coming together to support other women - and men - with similar stories and to move forward to blow this Last Taboo wide open and prevent kids in the future from suffering the same devastating experiences.

Three of these brave women are publishing their stories in the next few weeks -

  • Brenda Hammon is publishing “I Am”
    Deborah Kinisky has just published Purple Sky Survivalist and
    Becky Norwood is publishing “The Woman I Love”

Becky Norwood has created the website,, where you can share your story, anonymously if preferred, and join the movement to end the devastation of Incest.

Their contact information is in the post below. Please check out these amazing ladies and their books.Tell someone you may know, who is still suffering with their secret, that you can heal, as these women have done. This horror runs deep and wide across our entire society - rich, poor, religious, secular and we are only beginning to scratch the surface of its ramifications.

Today is Becky Norwood’s 60th birthday and as she acknowledges, it has taken her until now to own her story and today, she is the happiest she has ever been. Please wish this amazing woman a happy birthday and Share this post on all of your social media, so it reaches as many as possible.

Thank you and let’s blow the crime of incest wide open and protect our future generations of kids - perhaps your child or grandchild.

It’s Time To Blow The Last Taboo Of Incest Wide Open

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