Move Over Video, Here Comes Virtual Reality


Peter Diamandis, a great futurist, entrepreneur, physician and more, has this message right on the button. Move over video, here comes virtual reality.

If you were on my webinar this week, you will have heard me quote the statistic, that whilst video is currently over 70% of web traffic and rising steadily, only 9% of businesses in the United States are using video, in their marketing.

I am prepared to bet this percentage is lower in all other countries and in businesses owned by women.

If you are offering services, courses or movement that involve any kind of learning or education​, you are part of the future of education

Video has been proven time and again to be the most effective way today, to connect and become known liked and trusted. In the future, virtual reality is likely to assume this role.

If you are not already using video to market yourself, have you asked yourself the questions - 

  • Why am I leaving so much money on the table?
  • Why am I ignoring the current best way to connect with clients and customers and become known, liked and trusted?​
  • Do I really want my business to succeed?​

Tough questions but ones worth asking, if you are​ falling behind with the new marketing, based on video.

A further question would be - 

  • If you are not embracing all the amazing ways and opportunities offered by video, will you embrace the next round of disruption in the market place, when virtual reality blossoms and dominates our world of learning, teaching and marketing?

We hear about​ the increasing gap between rich and poor and I see this gap widening further, as those who embrace technology move forward to prosperity and those, who remain stuck in a World which has already disappeared - well - let's just say, they won't be moving forward into prosperity.

Video and Virtual Reality are only two of the disruptive technologies rocking our world, are you prepared to adapt to the new realities, even if they are virtual?

I often quote this "Old Chinese Proverb" - who knows if it truly is one of those never-ending old Chinese proverbs - but I love its message -

When The Winds Of Change Blow,
Some People Build Walls and Other Build Windmills

Will you build a wall or a windmill for your future?

Ask yourself – why are you leaving so much money on the table?

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