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What A Celebration!


Do you have times in your life, when a series of special events come together and take you out of your regular world for a while?

They are great times - times of excitement, reflection, relationships, learning, travel and more.

I am emerging from one of these wonderful times and though I intended to keep up with you during the past several weeks, somehow the days got away with me and my newsletters were never written - so as a Canadian, I will say "Sorry!"

What have I been up to for the past month?

First, celebrating my 70th birthday in high style - the celebrations have lasted almost two months and I am blessed to have had four separate birthday parties and I could go on celebrating for ever!

For my parties, my thanks go to Jo Dibblee and all the ladies of Frock Off, to my long time pals in Victoria and to my friends in my mastermind group, The Masters.

Finally, my thanks go to my daughter Lucy and her husband, Ian, for arranging an amazing two week celebration in Europe, including the "surprise" appearance of my younger daughter, Becky, all the way from New York, an unforgettable birthday celebration at NeerCanne Chateau in The Netherlands, near my daughter's home, plus a "surprise" vacation in France.

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Now back home on Vancouver Island, it is difficult to believe this time last week, I was standing on the D-Day Beaches in Normandy on the 73rd Anniversary of the invasion - a very moving weekend. Omaha Beach (above) was a very different beach, 73 years ago on June 6th 1944.

So why am I writing about my amazing last few weeks celebrating my 70th birthday?

For several reasons, but mainly because wonderful though these past weeks have been, they have also been a time of reflection and reset.

The chances are, as an entrepreneur, if you are like me, you are busy and focused on helping your clients and building your business. You become wrapped up in your world - you love what you are doing, but your focus is always on your business.

This is great, because this focus moves you forward, but when you remove yourself from your daily routine, you look at your life, with new eyes. Not only have I had a great birthday and time with my friends and family, I have also had time to reflect, reassess and reset.

Although I have talked about this before, it is worth revisiting frequently. My time of reflection always funnels to the same question of "What Do I Want?" for the rest of my life.

In my consulting, to my distress, this is a question many cannot answer, but if you can't answer this question, you don't have a plan, you can't know where you are going, so you can't achieve your life dreams and goals.

I believe this is the most important question you ask yourself and it needs to be asked repeatedly, enabling you to course correct as you go.

These past weeks away gave me a great opportunity to ask myself the question, "What do I want for the Rest Of My Life?", especially as I am at that pivotal Biblical Age of Three Score Years and Ten.

In my next few letters, I will digging deeper into "What Do You Want?"
To get started, download the pdf, "What Do I Want?", where you can write down and plan your dreams and goals.

What do you want to reassess?
Is there any area of your life you need to reset?
What is the quickest route to achieving your wants and goals?

I am resetting some of my goals, which I wouldn't have considered, if I hadn't taken my recent Time Out.

Sending best wishes and happy planning,


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