Why Are We Friends?


I’m interested - what makes you connect with others?

We are constantly searching for connection.

Take a moment and reflect on your Bosom Buddies, those with whom you have a deep connection.

What attracts you to your Bosom buddies?

This question came up for me yesterday, as I was loading up some videos, my biz partner, Jo Dibblee of Frock-Off.com and I had just recorded. Jo looks up at my book case and with a chuckle, asks the question -

“Why on earth are we friends?"

"Just look at your books -The Fate of Africa, Abundance, The Brain That Changes Itself - there is no way, I would ever read any of them. They are just not me".

I laughed too and said “because you are you.”

You know how sometimes a comment sticks with you and later in the day, I pondered more on Jo’s very good question Why are we friends?

We are different in so many ways, yet we connected instantly at a very deep level.

I’ve had a very comfortable life, grew up in small towns in the - for now - United Kingdom in the ultimate conventional middle, middle class family - couldn’t have been more conventional. I moved to Canada 40 years ago, had a wonderful career as a physician and raised three wonderful kids. I have wonderful friends and am surrounded by people I have known for decades, who will always be there for me and I for them.

Many of you know Jo’s story, as she proudly says “I am a prostitute’s daughter”, which you can only say publically, when you accept and forgive your past and to quote Jo, when you stand on your story, not in your story and do not let your past define you.

Jo spent over 35 years in official hiding, after being the prime witness in a murder investigation, so lived under many aliases. She is a helper and made many friends, but they never knew her story or who she truly was.

Yet we instantly connected and what connects me to Jo? Her heart, her vision, her desire to improve the lives of women, globally and make the World a better place and more.

What connects you to your Bosom Buddies?

What personality traits do you see, which you admire?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Who do you honour and why?

Leave me a note telling me, who you respect and connect with and why -​

Why Are We Friends?

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