Do You Live In The World Of Lost Opportunities?


For the past four weekends, I have had the honour of speaking at three events and attending a fourth. All four events had similar themes of helping women entrepreneurs move forward in their businesses, with most of the talks focusing on some aspect of the mindset for success.
All of the speakers have been excellent - the talks inspiring and the advice excellent.

I am so grateful for the comments about how the attendees enjoyed my presentation, yet I hear over and over again, that “should’ word - “Yes I should try video”, not “I will use video”.

When I offer a chance to create a video, there and then, with my iPhone ready to go, I hear “No, not now, my hair’s a mess!” or “No, I’m not ready to do video”.

At one event, I worked around this resistance by asking several women to record a video testimonial about the event, which worked well, because I was asking them to talk about the event and not about themselves.

None of the women had ever been on video before - all were anxious and nervous, expressing doubts about their ability to speak on camera, but kudos to them, they stepped up to the plate - well, to my iPhone and delivered their testimonial for the event.

Immediately after the recording, I invited them to view their video and again, kudos to them they all agreed. I knew what would happen next. As I played back the video, every face relaxed, anxiety morphed into a big grin and I heard “Hey, I look pretty professional” or “Wow, I sound great”.

“You are” I confirmed and then asked - “Will you use video again to take your message to a wider audience?” I had a couple of “Yeses” but mostly “maybe’s” but I sent them all their videos as encouragement.

Here comes my rant! At every event I have attended I see two things -
1. Wonderful wisdom imparted by wise women from the stage - from one to a few.
2. Gifted and giving women hesitant or unwilling to take the small step into wider world, using the most powerful tool we have - video.

So much wisdom.

So much talent.
So many women living in a World of Lost Opportunities for the fear of pushing the red record button, which would allow them to help many more and boost their business and income.

Ladies, I appeal to you - let the world know of you and your gifts - just hit that red button!! If you’re not sure how, check out my online course, Purse Power, which takes you step by step from clicking the red button through editing, uploading, YouTube, video blogging and Live streaming.

The Real World needs you. Please don’t live any longer in the World of Lost Opportunities!

Do You Live In The World Of Lost Opportunities?

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Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you how to take your Wisdom To the World, using video and all the tools of the web, to create massive impact and income, for you and your clients.

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