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It's Sue here and my apologies for being away for a couple of weeks but I have been travelling, giving talks to different women's groups across North America.

I met many women with great talents and messages, but the majority are unsure about how to move online and how all the online tools and techniques fit together.

It's good to be home, returning to my blog and getting back to business as usual.

Well, in truth, I am not getting back to business as usual, but business as Wisdom To Wealth Mastery will be in 2017.

I would appreciate your input and thoughts about how I can help you move online, if this is one of your challenges.

I have an active Facebook Group and am wondering where to take it in the New Year.

Facebook Groups are great but one of the downsides of Facebook in general is conversations and content disappear down the timeline and become lost.

If you belong to a Facebook Group, would you like to have the posts categorized and easily accessible at all times?

In the past few months, I have been thinking hard about this.

Do you think adding a weekly hangout, where all your your queries are answered and the week's questions are summarized would be a good idea?

The hangouts could be saved, categorized and available at any time.

I would help me so much, if you would let me know your thoughts and also tell me "where you are now" in your business, by answering a short 5 question survey.

The survey will help me understand the roadblocks you are facing and more importantly, tell us where to focus our time to jump over or bypass the blocks

Here's the link to the survey -

If you don't belong to my Facebook Group, you are very welcome to join us at

Thanks in advance and all my best wishes,

I have an active Facebook Group and am wondering where to take it in the New Year.

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