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Did you know the Online Knowledge Industry was worth $107,000,000,000 US in 2015?

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We live in rapidly changing times, where in a few years,
the world of marketing has turned on its head,
thanks to YouTube, Facebook and SmartPhones.

Are you using this new marketing effectively?
Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all this new technology?

Video already accounts for over 80% of web traffic and rising.
Video has become a necessity for every business,
yet only 9% of small businesses are using video, 
to market themselves and their wares.

If you are avoiding the new marketing tools, including video, because -
you feel uncomfortable on camera
are unsure how to use video effectively,
Wisdom To Wealth Mastery shows you, simply and easily, 
how to overcome your hesitations and be comfortable with, using
all the new marketing tools, to boost your business and income

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Sue Ferreira

Wisdom To Wealth Mastery

About the Author

A friend recently told me, "Sue, after 40 years of putting people to sleep, you are now waking them up". Over my years as an anesthesiologist, I watched in amazement at our increasing longevity and know we are living in an exciting era of change. You now have the time to create the life you have always desired. If you have a message, a mission, a passion, which the World needs to hear, our new technologies, especially video, allow you to take your message to the World, to leave a legacy, to make a difference.

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I've recently completed the first draft of the first book of my upcoming series, and I'm completed stoked! Additionally, Sue Ferreira of Wisdom To Wealth Mastery worked with me today to create the accompanying video for my book, Confident Public Speaking: Being Heard above the Noise . If anyone has any trepidation about creating video, do yourself a massive favour and contact Sue. She's amazing!

Rosemarie Barnes
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Sue Ferreira is one of the most enthusiastic professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. Her positive attitude and "lets get it done" approach is truly inspiring and a real gift to anyone wanting to have a project done right and on time. She puts everyone quickly at ease, knows how to take the right approach to any subject, has a great eye and provides technical solutions and engaging results.

Frances Litman